Marketing Operations Suite

The APS Marketing Operations Suite (MOS) guides your company in developing, creating, producing and
delivering your marketing assets using the right channel for the right audience at the right time.

Operational excellence

MOS reinforces your marketing efforts with processes, technology, metrics and
best practices.

Brand consistency

MOS ensures your brand strategies are aligned to produce a unified message for the customer and local markets.

Multi-channel publishing

MOS helps you reach the right audience at the right time across all channels from a single source.

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“APS Group’s Marketing Operations Suite (MOS) has provided Philips with an easy online solution that guarantees the right branding message, ensures quality, reduces cost and provides employees with the tools they need to connect, do business and be successful!”

Dana Rosu, Philips IMS Procurement

MOS is configured specifically for
each customer's unique needs

MOS is an intelligent set of online tools that help manage your marketing operations in a more efficient and cost effective way, providing full transparency and a complete audit trail. It is neither software out of a box nor a system that has to be built from the ground up and grows with you as you need it to. Accomplish more with your resources and make informed decisions about the development, effectiveness and overall management of your campaigns.

Stand-alone Solutions

You can do it

  • Increase efficiency with online technology
  • Save costs, safeguard brand consistency, improve quality
  • Localise and reduce time-to market
  • We make it available online and easy to use


People Assisted Solutions

We do it together

  • Project managers with vast international expertise
  • From strategic reviews to implementing our full range of services & modules
  • We help you manage your operations

Full Service Solutions

We do it all

  • Full service end-to-end solutions
  • From creation to production to delivery to installation
  • Dedicated account and creative team
  • Let us do the work

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Some fast facts

active users
x1000 orders processed
x1000 assets managed

Modules of the Marketing Operations Suite

While the separate modules can be deployed as stand-alone tools for use within a business environment,
the greatest benefits are obtained when the modules are integrated to support the entire marketing operations.


Overview MOS modules

The natural flow through the modules while all assets are stored in the Central Content Repository.

Workflow Manager

Collaborate & approve

Using the Workflow Manager you can initiate campaigns and projects to manage briefs, planning, creative and media development with all stakeholders and service providers. You can customise your workflow activity to balance flexibility and regulatory structure, engaging the right stakeholders at the right time. Reviewers can collaboratively comment online without the need for a disparate email trails. At a glance, you can monitor the current status and progress of your assets whilst being alerted to bottlenecks.

Manage projects

  • Create a working area for all your activity and files
  • Invite stakeholders to join your workspace
  • Hide your workspace if it is confidential
  • Link your projects to campaigns and other projects

Manage documents

  • Automate version control of your files
  • Store draft assets with all your supporting documents
  • Enable agencies to update your assets
  • Provide a checklist of required tasks to complete

Guided workflow

  • Automatically task your stakeholders
  • Customise your workflow
  • Enable stakeholders to operate as team members
  • Notifications for all parties
  • Automate compliance reviews


  • Review documents in parallel and in serial
  • Annotate PDFs online
  • Annotate MS Word online utilising track changes
  • See other reviewer’s comments in real time
  • Invite 3rd parties to comment online

Asset Manager

Centralise marketing assets

To align your marketing campaigns it is important to centralise all created marketing assets. Both native, open and image files can be stored next to the final production files (PDF), with low-resolution versions for quick review. The Asset Manager gives you access to all active and archived digital files in a user-friendly, searchable environment. All assets are stored in a predefined structure, configurable to the needs of your organisation. From the central database, files can be reused for new campaigns or repurposed for localisation. At the same time assets can be used in the Operations Manager for production and Marcom Store for ordering.

Batch import

  • Bulk tagging on upload
  • Identify media by business segments, audience, region, language, owner and custom metadata
  • Bulk edit asset descriptions, metadata and adjust settings of multiple assets


  • Support for wide range of popular media formats
  • Define metadata for media assets
  • Subscription service for new assets based on profile settings

Intuitive interface

  • View assets in thumbnail mode or list mode
  • Monitor asset usage and version history
  • Manage release and expiration dates

Access rights

  • Control and protect the use of external media assets to assure appropriate use and distribution
  • Monitor and log asset usage with audit history
  • Manage geographic and broadcast restrictions

Media Publisher

Multi-channel & localise publications

Using our structured templates, easily separate the content from the design and layout of your documents. With a single source of content you can translate, localise and publish documents quickly and effectively across multiple channels ensuring version control, design and brand identity. The applications’ workflow centralises communication, reduces approval cycles and overall streamlines the production process ranging from high quality, print-ready PDFs, web and mobile devices.

Document creation

  • Based on templates ensuring control over brand identity
  • Authoring documents while focusing on content not on style
  • Supporting full-range of marketing material
  • Status indication supporting various creation processes


  • Single-source publishing
  • Multi-channel output
  • Integration with Operations Manager
  • Provide a checklist of required tasks to complete


  • Developed in-house, allowing for feature requests
  • Completely based on XML standards (content re-usable and in open formats)
  • Hosted on modern hardware in a modern data center
  • Automate compliance reviews


  • Integrated localisation project management and review cycle
  • Translation based on Indesign or online created documents (templates)
  • Connected to translation agencies through webservices
  • Flexible asset structure (tags, meta-data, etc)

Operations Manager

Manage projects

Whether you are a product manager, print provider, creative agency, or work in marketing and communications, the Operations Manager provides you a platform to successfully manage and control your cross-media projects. Supporting the supply chain, we have built a dedicated system, which uses a uniform, transparent workflow and cost structure with online accessible management reports. The Operations Manager centralises all assets, project files and communication threads and provides you with 24/7 online access to your project status. In addition to using the Operations Manager to oversee your marketing projects, our account management team is also on hand to give you technical support and answer any print queries.

Manage projects

  • Create a project with multiple jobs / assets
  • Create print, POS and artwork briefs using a wizard
  • Full communication thread recorded per project

Easy file upload

  • Upload & download digital artwork directly via your web browser
  • Grant access to your agency for uploading files into the project
  • Automated ‘pre-flight check’ of PDF

Stay in control

  • Enable delegates managing projects on your behalf
  • Monitor project progress online
  • Sign off all proofs online

eSourcing print & POS

  • Manage detailed project costs
  • Source jobs in competition via a network of vendors
  • Online submission of quotes by printers

Marcom Store

Order online

The Marcom Store is the online web shop where your sales force, dealers and customers can find the marketing assets, collateral and gifts they need. As the store is directly coupled with inventory levels from different warehouses, it will provide instant feedback on availability. Shop items can be downloaded, ordered from stock or printed on demand. The Marcom Store will give you valuable information to optimise your marketing operation even further including providing detailed reports on order levels, usage and inventory turns.

Customer accounts

  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Easily order assets
  • View recently ordered items and order history

Browse assets

  • Browse through the catalogue
  • View stock availability
  • Use quick filtering options
  • Save search preferences

Stock management

  • View stock levels
  • Manage backorders
  • Low on stock email notifications


  • Rate and comment on assets
  • Monitor asset reviews
  • Subscribe to new assets


  • Set minimum or maximum order quantity and safety stock levels
  • Restrict assets for user roles & geographies
  • Set rules for split deliveries

Analytics & reporting

  • Low stock and backorder reports
  • Monitor patterns & visits
  • Detailed order reports export to excel


  • Integrated for real-time shipping rates
  • Configure shipment options
  • Use company and/or personal address book

Store Profiler

Optimise store deliveries

Managing point of sale material (POS) can be a daunting task. Our Store Profiler takes information straight from the shop floor to order the correct amount of material. The system combines different sources of information and processes and converts it into valuable data. Our solution easily tracks all the things your merchandising team manages everyday including visual assets, displays, fixtures and window sizes. Shop owners, regional managers and marketing professionals all have access to the same information and can keep it up to date. It can then be used to prepare orders tailored to specific season, campaign or personal requirements. All orders are then grouped centrally for streamlined production and distribution. The Store Profiler can show campaigns in an online environment for preparation and installment of POS materials. The benefits are big – more specific, more efficient and smarter in-store execution.

Facilitate store audit

  • Capture store information & layout
  • Upload store information easily
  • Record store demographics & surroundings

Stay in control

  • Centralise POS orders
  • Monitor and ‘right size’ production
  • Involve all stakeholders real-time

Up-to-date information

  • Manage store information centrally
  • Monitor up-to-date campaign calendar
  • Receive feedback in-store personnel


  • Prepare the right materials
  • Order correct quantities & reduce waste
  • Eliminate unnecessary production rounds per campaign

Brand Portal

Uniform brand identity

Protect and unify brand identity with our Brand Portal, a configuration of one or more of our MOS modules. Based on your unique and specific needs, the Brand Portal allows you to effectively and efficiently control and manage all assets that relate to your brand in one easily managed and accessible place. Whether its brand guidelines, logos, packaging, best practices, templates, business cards, stationery or POS collateral, the Brand Portal is the global and all-inclusive solution for employees, suppliers and partners and provides a platform to answer questions and provide the needed tools to align all branding strategies within your company.

Centralised portal

  • All assets in one easily accessed portal
  • Review and sign off on all proofs online
  • Improve time-to-market

Online ordering

  • Order personalised & generic brand collateral
  • 24/7 viewing of ordered items and order history
  • Save & share shopping carts

Protect branding

  • Communicate brand guidelines perfectly
  • Provide helpful information for FAQs
  • Control how assets are used

Sharing insights

  • Subscribe to email notifications of new assets
  • Share what assets are being used in each region
  • Comprehensive resource for employees and partners

“With their experience, expertise and in-depth knowledge of Philips, APS Group has provided us with an easy online solution that has increased efficiency and reduced cost without sacrificing quality.”

Maarten Post, Digital Team, Philips Healthcare

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